July 06, 2010


well im just turning so brown. tanned i mean. i always tanned easily and especially back when i was a goth this bothered me greatly. but i still dont fancy seeing myself tanned. it looks alien. especially my hands, oh dear, by looking at them i could guess i was italian. but i gotta say - it fits with the pink nailpolish...

i bought myself turquoise eye liner too... its popular round here. fitswomen with dark eyes and dark hair, tanned skin. so, not really me, but im getting there. my foundation is starting to look too light on me. it used to be too dark at the time when i moved here...

the beach trip last sunday... there are free beaches and then these 'beach cubs' that i consider expensive. the one we went to was 45tl(23e)/person... but okay so they have sun beds, nice and clean facilities, real beach party atmosphere with the dance music etc. still, next time i would like to try a free beach.

okay, someone in this blog (feministe) is complaing about how 'google doodles' always feature men, not women, okay, i get the point, BUT i dont know who " Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi" is, nor do i know "Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Dorothy Height". maybe i should, maybe im uneducated. so fuck me. but seriously. i agree Marie Curie deserves a doodle, and how about Madonna, why do we always have to compare... lets just pick strong women who had an effect. so Madonna, Mona Lisa (even if possibly a fictional character and subject of a painting - it doesnt make her less famous) and the Queen of England for example. and how about Amelia Earhart? Evita? i imagine these are women everyone knows. not any more perfect that the men, but they were strong women who went after what they wanted.

i started taking snaps of kitties in turkey, cos they are everywhere and all over... im uploading them on flickr... heres one.

i set up an FB event for my exhibition and sent an invitation to all the turks... now im almost nervous. but not quite! i should get the prints done tomorrow or so.

these ads for beer are hilarious, i love them;

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