July 04, 2010

some pink

we went to the beach today. applying sunscreen between visits to the sea wasnt enough of course, i have pink here and there now... no surprises. but im not badly burned, so its okay. we had a beautiful time playing in the sea, but the salty water always gets into my nose and makes me panic. im not good at handling the waves. on the sunbeds we arranged the umbrella to shade me, and the doctor was in the sun. he wants toget even more tanned.

the beach in Kilyos.

this is the doctor, smoking and drinking.... but he is quitting smoking now. me happy.

on saturday -among other things- we went to see the BodyWorlds exhibition. then bought me a turkish study book. and spent the evening in taksim. there was a festival of some sort in T√ľnel and we met with some friends and their friends and blah blah...sat on a square with a million other people and drank beer and wine.

we went for a quick sushi the other day. doctor wasnt sure if he likes sushi so i wanted him to taste some. i got my favorite; salmon avokado nigiris. he hates raw fish. too bad.

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