June 30, 2010

so and what next

gotta love this Old Spice ad :D
"We're not saying this body wash will make your man smell into a romantic millionaire jet fighter pilot, but we are insinuating it."

Pioneer One
seems interesting, a tv series created for free distribution. a torrent series :D obviously downloads in seconds, if ur dl speed permits ;) and its not badly done, i like the handheld cam effect and colors.... i even decided to donate $5.

im slighty sorry to hear FlashForward wont be going to 2nd season.

im off to capa tonight but first meeting Ulaş in Taksim. i met him at the Koç university back in april, been meaning to see since then. and last night i was out with Melisa, we are making brilliant business plans and whatnot, she is great company :D

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