June 30, 2010

bridge burning in process

a lot can happen in a year. fucking fuck.

in the good news, Miriam is coming to Istanbul in september :) i think we will have good times.

also, i am having an exhibition in a nice local cafe-bar starting on the 11th. now, i need to design a flyer and some posters and decide 18 photos to be printed... it is convenient that this was one of the first places i ever saw in kadiköy, thanks to Volkan. now im a frequent customer and having my exhibtion :D the owner lady speaks german...(besides turkish), so i had to stretch my language skills a bit to manage this exhibition thing, lol.

the girls left this morning. i am still sightly suffering from a flu but its almost over now i believe. i should just sleep it off, and i didnt get to do that in the past few days. however i need to go to work anyway.

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