June 28, 2010

a few things before going to bed

tomorrow we are celebrating our 3 months together with the doctor. we both feel like its been longer, maybe cos so much has happened in this short time...

my turkish learning has taken 2 big leaps on the 2 nights recently that i was out with Volkan (and other people). i can now say i would like (something), i wouldnt like (something), i am going to work or home, you are going (somewhere), ask if you would like (something) and some other things. i can ask the doctor is he loves me, who is on the phone and i can say im from finland, and i live in kadiköy now. and so on. the logic of the language is quite similar to finnish so its easy in that part. i need to learn more verbs and a few more structures. its like i spent 3 months just learning the compulsory words, and observing the language, now that the sounds seemed familiar to me and many words as well, i could suddenly learn quite easily.

Body Shop had a sale and i bought Raspberry puree lotion, Rougeberry perfume spray and Lychee flower shower gel. :) a girl needs new things sometimes. especially if she is a devoted western consumer.

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