June 28, 2010

resident of turkey

i havent spent much time by the computer.

the house party was alright, we went with the doctor as the girls were too tired. we ate take away pizza, drank punch and chilled out on the balcony of the house listening to music. everyone present spoke good english and i enjoyed the whole thing a lot.

saturday we relaxed with the doctor while Tiitta and Marja were out sightseeing. we went to my workplace office to get a paper i needed for my residence permit, and then to Mecidieköy to pick up the doctors car. then off to Bakirköy for a wedding ceremony (the actual party is another occasion). so, basically we traveled all around the city. the wedding was a quick 45min thing, most of the time spent by friends and relatives (100+?) congratulating the newly married couple.

later that evening we returned to kadiköy and went out all together to eat and drink. girls got tired early and i escorted them home and then returned as the night was only starting at 11... it was a good evening all in all.

now my legs are sore cos i spent sunday walking around taksim with the girls. we did shopping and visited a vegetarian restaurant (Parsifal, good food but a little pricey in relation to meal size). there was some kind of tv interview going on, and after it was done the interviewee approached me to ask where we were from. turns out he is a dancer performing all around and his ex used to work in the same language school as i do now. small world...:)

i bought a white skirt, purple bracelet and finally gave up on my attraction to turquoise...:D i got a summer dress. then shoes which admittedly are pretty crazy, they had diff. colors available but i figured if the shoes are weird artsy to begin with then i shouldnt go safe like black...but instead just all the way Barbie. aquamarine/light pink. plastic wedge heel. Flower is the brand, they were on sale so i got them for 60tl, while they used to be 200.

fried ice cream

kitty in the bookstore, guarding teh books!

i got my residence permit today finally. i went to the police station, showed some policemen the paper i got and eventually got to the right address (office). they had mispelled my surname - very common. however i had to wait while the made me a new permit.

but so, now im a turkish resident officially.

a restaurant where we went to last week.

minibus inside.

ive had a bit of a flu, but very mild, ive taken the meds 'ordered' by my doctor (haha); Katarin and i could barely feel there is anything wrong. now im a little sneezy thouygh but i think its already getting better.

mr Jekyll/Hyde informed me he is in the city this weekend. i didnt think it was a good idea to see each other.

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