July 13, 2010

'you know you want it'

is the name of the exhibition. the opening went nicely. the printing house had naturally fucked up some prints and whatever, will have to go solve that tomorrow. but it was a good evening. friends and strangers, from dA and elsewhere.

someone from dA wrote to me, Adem. wanted to see me at the exhibition, which we did. true muslim, praying 5 x a day and all. and likes my pics! so, anyway, we had a good chat.

from another bar during sunday night.

ppl like my new shorter hair. and my monday/wednesday students are wonderful. were planning to drive somewhere on the weekend with the doctor. what else... sometimes i am getting fed up with the turkish food, not seriously but i am missing boiled potatoes (didnt think that day would come) and raw fish and other very 'fresh' ingredients. food here is often fried or otherwise dipped in oil. if i cooked more i could be very happy though cos there is so much fresh and good stuff available at the market nearby. we have been talking about cooking more at home with the doctor, but we should actually get to it and not just plan i guess...

planning and dreaming are really turkish traits. my rational & serious mindset doesnt always understand it. i mean yeah i plan too and dont follow but these guys take it to another level sometimes. nothing wrong with it, im just often not flexible enough to understand why everyone doesnt think like me.

this is what often faces me when i go out. the house kitty.

here are the electricity bills of the house... pick yours.

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