August 06, 2010

hot seat

sitting by the computer, sweat running down my body. and its 11pm. today was apparently the hottest day of the year so far, 42C. but its been close to 40C for a while now. AND its getting tiring. i dont like to go out during the day until i leave for work. the humidity makes it even worse even if its just 33 or something, its feels quitte uncomfy. the weather forecast says the weekend will be 'scorching' and humidity can hit up to 96%. wtf.

im wondering how uncomfy it must be for the muslims who start feasting next week, the ramadan starts on wednesday. no eating or drinking from dawn till dusk, thats about 16 hours. i thnk it sounds hazardous in this weather. of course u can drink/eat of u are old or sick, allah wont piss on you for that, but i guess the serious muslims want to do their best anyway.

today i played this game ("hot seat") with the power plant students, they are divided in 2 teams conveniently named after football clubs of course. then one from each team come sit in front, their backs to the board. i write a word on board and their team mates try to explain or mimic the word. the first guy to guess the word gets a point for their team. also, if they speak turkish, the other team gets a point. my colleague told me about this game and said its been highly succesful in all classes. so i tried and indeed... they went absolutely nuts over the competition, it was a lot of fun, they were so excited.

after returning to office my co-worked didnt feel so well so i took over a class he was supposed to teach there. it was a short conversation class kind of thing... for students from different courses, anyone can participate. so we practiced 'simple perfect' by talking about last weekend, and by talking about our jobs and previous jobs, and then taled about horoscopes and personalities. it was easy and fun...:) wouldnt mind doing it again.

tomorrow there should be a barbecue at Tamer's place.

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