August 03, 2010

i dont wanna go out in that heat :(

im still thinking of the village. my analysis is that it was nice, with the cows walking around etc. friendly people, many english speakers. people in that corner of turkey (european side) are way whiter than the rest. they look all german and stuff, to the point of girls being worried about burning in the sun.

the Celebrity Apprentice season 9 was entertaining to watch. Bret Michaels was lovely and i just liked following people that are inspired by something and have done a lot for themselves. i have seen some of his Rock of Love dating reality before but i had to start watching again. Bret is quite an awesome character.

my friend is moving together with her bf so theyre throwing some home stuff away, the doctor is picking up a bag from them tonight. weve been thinking of making sushi with Volkan and Ilcin. i miss sushi a lot and its really expensive here, so...

yesterday my students at the power plant were telling how they went swimming on sunday, together, and dove mussels from the bottom of the sea. then prepared them by holding a lighter under some kind of a plate, with the mussels on the plate... interesting, i say. i thought it was hilarious and sounded like a lot of fun. the class is ending next week which is sort of sad cos i just started bonding with them, as they now have better skills to communicate too... (thanks to ME!!!! hurray!).

RED - some solid american humor action. i love John Malkovich.
The Expendables - Sylvester Stalone as the leading actor scares me, but what aboout the fact that he wrote and directed this?? somehow, he got some solid actors which i like; Jason Statham, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke. Bruce Willis is an icing on the wtf-cake and Randy Couture i am just curious to see. Dolph Lunndgren could have bee left out. and what about Arnold Schwarzenegger in a small role?? okay, so, i dunno.
Stone - with DeNiro and Norton i am wanting to believe in this. even Milla Jovovich seems to fit in the picture.

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