August 23, 2010

love for high heels medically explained

another weekend in Capa succesfully finished. on saturday we went to a hospital where an orthopedist friend of the doctors works at, and he took a look at my left foot which got increasingly sore lately. both feet have suffered from walking on flat shoes but the left one started to hurt constantly about a month ago. i had an x-ray taken and it turns out there is a heel spur and 'plantar fasciitis'... whatever. the spur is visible as a small claw like thing next to the bottom of the heel.

so the logical conclusion is that i got something similar in the other foot but not as bad. im glad knowing whats wrong, its a validation for my complaints that im sure some people have used to think is whining for nothing... the bad news is that this cant be fixed per se. but i read some stretching exercises and other things might help. and i got silicone pads that i can wear in shoes, they feel heavenly indeed... so hopefully the immediate pain will now go away if i wear the pads at home too, and then i could walk more out too.

on friday i went to the doctors workplace. just to hang out. got a computer to entertain me while he was still working.

and im looking into the possibility of getting a drivers license here. its so many thousand euros in finland, and while i never found it necessary, if its so cheap (100+e) here... perhaps i should get one?

i fed this fortune telling bunny family some salad which i just bought at the market.

miss R is arriving in a little over hour... :P cant wait!!!! PARTYYYYY!!

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