August 18, 2010


i met Yusuf today, he is working on and off from Istanbul now, as a tour guide. i met him originally in Hatay/Antakya in february, he was my couchsurfing host, showed me around the town and so on. the world feels small when u can meet a random contact again like this.

i signed up at the turkish 'eBay' sites. i can more less manage, especially with Chrome which translates pages. but the sites seem more popular amongst shops than individuals and the price level is like higher than in finland. its confusing. maybe it varies according to stuff.

so im the outsider. the people, from grocery store cashier to minibus passengers are talking about stuff, and i dont understand. although, slowly, i am starting to pick up words, i recognize a word here and there. but yeah, still, im the outsider. just saying.

i got called from work, the teacher whose class i taught yesterday is still ill/gone, so i was asked to cover him tomorrow as well. so - i got work 10:00-13:00. yay.

an interesting photo project "what we own".

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