September 06, 2010

getting ready again

at the pharmaceutical company i teach at their auditorium. its a bit weird. i have the guys all sit in the front row but the large space is weird. then at break they offer me coffee although they themselves dont eat/drink (ramadan). they smoked tho, which is also banned.

i think ramadan finishes tomorrow? and Miriam arrives tomorrow evening...:) she wants to go sigthseeing, and of course i wanna show a few places to her, i want her to meet some people and so on. True Blood season finale comes out on sunday so we migt have a little theme party of our own then.

the doctor had some Bulgarian guests through couchsurfing, i met them on sunday as they arrived and today it was my pleasure to show them around kadiköy. they came for the U2 concert which was here but wanted to spend an extra day or two. 2 women and 1 guy, who left today already. they work with movies and especially movie festivals so we hadquite a lot to talk about - and theyd seen the finnish movie Forbidden Fruit and thought it was good.

the rest of the week is a special holiday - Bayram. until sunday.

im watching the finnish Matkaoppaat (tourist guides) again. theyre in Alanya. some of the finnish tourists seem to need a nanny, and of course all kinds of things happen... its turkey after all. one of the guests has alzheimers and is completely "out there", the turkish hotel staff put a wrist band on him with the hotel name and number - after hed gotten lost a few times. some finns bring finnish foods with them cos they are so suspicious of the local how wonderful to travel and bring your own food??!! well, to each their own.

what i like about turkey: cheap stockings and pantyhose.

i feel i was quite old when i finally got my ass abroad. my work placement time in Canada doesnt count so much i think. a little. but i always wanted to go live somewhere for some time. i thought it would be NYC. i still think its possible. but somehow i ended up here. my mom -and dad- both left home to see the world at a younger age than me. 20 or 25 or something.

the story in Hürriyet

afternoon nap kitty.

a view from a coffee shop in Moda today.

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