September 10, 2010

wasted money

Miriam went out sightseeing and i have been sleeping. in my dreams i was solving an iPhone app store bug, and at another point i was pregnant at 7 months, and suddenly realized its not ausch a great idea. i was happy to wake up.

today is a clubbing night, so were going out.

yesterday one of the keys made at the keymaker got stuck in my lock. so we spent some good afternoon time getting a cilingir-the guy who opens doors- here. it was a national holiday so i paid 65tl for fixing it and installing a new lock. all because the keymakers are less than professional. and dont take responsibility for their work, as per usual. which u can perhaps turn to your own advantage at times, the not taking responsibility thing but still.

hmm, and today my stove gave up, the 2-plate thing i paid 45liras for...which kept blowing the fuse of my flat. fuckin fuck. so no cooking at home.

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