September 13, 2010

starting new

so its a new week, i gotta clear my head for it. and i have yet another new class booked to start this week, its a division of a large finnish company, but i think perhaps foreign owned. and this is wednesdays and saturdays. i got this baby/kids product company starting tomorrow, its tuesdays and thursdays. so 5 days of work this week, but not full days obviously so im still waiting to get more classes...

Miriam has been spending her time checking out the sights and museums on her own. friday night we were out pretty late and saturday we were just chilling in kadiköy, had some nice fish dinner and went to see an art exhibition at a local hostel, there was an artist collaboration week going on.

yesterday was a sushi night at Volkan's. yummm.... its been a while since i made sushi and most of all since i could eat loads of it. we had a nice evening altogether. the doctor also joined us and we met some of his friends in the evening too.

Miriam is here until thursday so we still have some time together. and tonight were watching the True Blood season finale!!11

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