September 27, 2010

organizing and organizing

we need to get a faster internet connection i think, 4MB is not enough for 2... but i heard that there are no 8MB unlimited connections, they have a 1Gb limit or whatever. fuckin retarded. thankfully i can let the doctor to figure it out. but i do wish i could speak the language and talk to someone directly sometimes. especially when they screwed something up. and thats happened a lot of times. grr.

we will set up a home network and share files there. we have doctor's projector so its comfy to watch movies. the other washing machine finally broke so we didnt need to wonder further which one to use. and i just want the carpets washed and doctor is trying to organize a carpet cleaning service to pick em up. we cant transfer them cos he sold his car a month ago to someone. or was supposed to. his brother came to pick it up and his friend was supposed to buy it, which he didnt. now perhaps another friend of the brothers is interested. who knows. this is turkey. but we should get a new (used) car soon. doctor has some favorite models and i lack much opinion (for once!), we'll see...

we also have dry and canned food for about a month in case of a catastrophe... but i will try decrease the stock to "2 weeks"...theres just so much and not enough space. i started by having ramen noodles for lunch... im desperate for a microwave though. theres nothing in the shops to prepare with a microwave oevn, but its the most practical way to WARM UP food thats already cooked. turks are not big fans of microwave oven though. i suppose its a bit western and its health-benefits/effects are questionable. still, i WANT ONE!

my plan for finland is clearing. my route is Porvoo-Sysmä-Helsinki. relatives mostly and the last day in helsinki with Arttu. i should go to the grocery store buy a few things and then im seeing miss R to pick up shoes, i left 2 pairs of winter shoes to her when i was moving in march. im not really stressed or too interested in seeing anyone else, i will do another social trip later, when its possible...

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