September 26, 2010


its feeling much more like a home when there so much stuff, bookshelves with books on them etc. we are arguing which washing machine to keep, we both dislike our own machines, they both have some problems. im thinking we should perhaps get a new one... we'll see. also, we have a huge amount (1 big box) of soaps and shower gels only... doctor loves buying (and using) soaps and other cleaning products, but the shopping is still surplussing the usage. i have to take some control here.

it feels so warm again today and i realize its cos the meter is showing 31C. and im worried about packing my summer shoes. hmm. perhaps i should hold back a little.

all rooms are full of stuff for now....

the kitchen will b a problem, its not big enough. and i dislike it altogether.

we fit doctors desk in the bedroom. and bought a random wooden drawer yesterday for my clothes. its ugly and has stickers on in (Chesney Hawkes for instance) but its just yet another temporary solution. if a new flat/home is rented, we shall get a nice drawer.

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