September 24, 2010

friday is my day off

today is a wonderful t-shirt weather again. i went out to buy groceries and tried to pick a melon or a watermelon for the doctor as a welcome gift as he arrives tomorrow... but there are many kinds and they confuse me. one looked especially (yellow and green, kinda small) familiar but there was just one, i dont know anything about melons so i asked the nice guy working n the shop if the melon is "good", he knocked on it and said no.. :( some of the melons are too big to fit in the fridge and the others just look weird, maybe they werent melons after all, big green things... anyway, so no melon.

on my way home i stopped over in the sandwich shop to buy ham for the house kitty. and there s/he was, only 10 meters from the sandwich shop, sitting with a real estate guy who was having his coffee outside his office. so i stopped over to serve the ham. the real eatate guy wanted to talk to me but i didnt understand. he stopped over a woman but she didnt speak english either. she then called her daughter who spoke some english and we switched the phone back and forth. the real estate guy, and now the woman as well, wanted to know if and where i work and stuff like that...

but the bathroom is smelling like sewer again...why???? i need to throw some poisons in the drain to see if it would help... and i have a lot of cleaning up to do today, need to clean the floors to make space for the moving stuff tomorrow.

the details of my moms death are starting to clear. it seems she really wanted to go already, which is understandable.

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