October 13, 2010

ive promised to cook salmon and cream pasta tonight

i was so pissed after receiving an FB-message regarding some party/concert that i had been invited to, that i removed the person who invited me from my friends. wasnt a close friend to begin with. it was just one of those "my friends band has a gig - i must invite all my FB friends, and i wont bother differentiating those living in this country or the other. i basically hate all kinds of mass-invites to concerts and events but especially those in other countries. when i send event invites i bother to see who im sending it to...

speaking of events were having a housewarming for doctor on the 23rd.

last night my teenager-student cancelled the class just as i was about to get on the minibus towards Bostanci. luckily i was informed seconds before. he wants to reschudule it back to friday and i agreed. so i went home and then left for the other class instead. furing rush hour it takes about 55minutes from my home to the office, and then another 20 at least to the company in case (the finnish one). i was accompanied by a sales person who was coming along to do a satisfaction review which we always do... we were let in by the security and sat there at the dark office wondering where my students are. finally after calling the manager someone arrived to inform us that the schedules have changed and wednesdays are no longer suitable for the students. instead, the company would prefer them to study a little longer on saturdays. i said its okay and then we left. so that was my evening. oh and on the yard of the building i met an old student of mine, from the summer, she is working in a company there too... but how weird, in a city of this size, and way out of my hood (somewhere near Sancaktepe, i have no idea where i even was), to run into someone i know.

so i returned home early. someone tried to follow me with a car when i was walking home. they stopped over at the lightss and opened the window and i thought they were gonna ask for directions so i went to say i dont speak turkish but he just stared at me and motioned me to get in the car. i walked off pissed. a little later i noticed his car driving next to me again so he must have made a u-turn and followed me to the side street. i screamed angrily that i will call the fucking police. police is a pretty universal word with magic powers. luckily there were other men walking nearby too, it doesnt require much common language to signal that im being harassed, and that shit doesnt go down well here. anyway he then disappeared and i got home safely.

i rarely run into anything like this, but when i do it pisses me off quite bad. the other time someone followed on the street for a long way, from the port to near my home, and i found it very hard to loose him off my tail... i was close to confronting him too, but didnt. and its not recommended. but if i saw that asshole again...

and last night i had a dream i bought a 200something euro watch. and then felt terribly guilty for it, since i dont even use wtached since i lost my previou in 2004. and then i compared the one i bought to the one i lost n 2004, and it wasnt even as cool, although it was nice.

apparently Oakley was getting free advertizing as they donated 33 pairs of sunglasses for the miners to wear. and i just read this now. in fact seeing the photos yesterday, as they miners were rescued, i found myself thinking several times how fuckin ugly and "unsuitable" the sunglasses looked. and now i read they're Oakleys. lollll. perhaps im just not the target audience.

i bought these Asos suede peeptoe boots from eBay a while ago but the shipping took its time. they're cute.

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