October 15, 2010


we got the microwave oven yesterday. actually it was a little lost and the shipping company simply said they have delivered the oven to "Ibrahim Someone" ??! they didnt even know who they gave it to! anyway my downstairs neighbor said hed seen a shipping company and advised us to call them - which wed already done and when i coincidentally went to visit the furniture shop downstairs to look for a bedside table, the guy greeted me happily and pointed to a big box which said microwave oven on the side. so hed taken it for us, but anyway it was all confusing and the shipping company deserves a kick in the ass.

i feel a little useless though as i cant do much in situations like this, doctor has to call and order everything, and in case of problems he has to solve them too. and during the day we can communicate via the internet or phone, as we wont see until in the evening after my work, 9 or 10pm... :(

i was also given another class for friday nights, its just for conversation so no strict plan, but it sucks to work late on a friday night. price of being a full time teacher i guess.

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