October 26, 2010

the major crisis of life

famine in africa and cure for cancer can step aside, more pressing matters exist. my new phone-problem. its a humongous issue. Arttu and doctor are helping me as they best can but i am programmed to worry myself to death.

i was thinking of HTC Wildfire. so, something quite different from Nokia E71. which has served me well, but its had its downsides and has getting slower and i simply need to move on. i want to use more internet, social media apps and any apps for that matter. however i hear worries over whether a product (android) still in development is the best solution for me after all. i am a tad bit demanding. well, whats ready then? iPhone, they say. but come on, can it be the only solution for me? ive never been a fan of the apple.

i tried an Android emulator on my computer last night, but i think it was Android 1.5. i should go to a shop again and try out 2.1 again. what im most worried about is typing - but everyone says u get used to it. bah. im also not excited about the plastic look and feel of Wildfire. i mean its still prettier than many others but not ...perfect. and i think in Turkey i can get it only with the subtle brown tone too... :( if i only had the patience to wait until january, i could get it when i go to finland.

i dunno what to do. also i cant buy a very expensive phone, so thats another limit.

yesterday i received the book Tales from the Expat Harem. its a collection of real life incidents and experiences by foreign women living in turkey. seems okay although it written with a very american tone. im often reading books on my way to work or back.

i had an appointment to get my nail done today. very nice place, like a big living room, right on Bahariye. i was the only customer at Daisy Protez Tirnak Salonu, but they had a white angora kitty and a big friendly dog to entertain me, it was rather quiet otherwise as there is the infamous language barrier... i like the results, good quality and just as i wanted them.


Valentina said...

i am going through the same crisis, I have looked around and I am considering LG Optimus One. In italy it's sold at 229 euro, looks good, good price.

jenni said...

i looked at LG's after u mentioned the brand but i cant brin myself to trust a home appliance brand...i think?