October 24, 2010

post-party life

it wouldnt be possible to forget that there is a big football match (Fenerbahce-Galatasaray) tonight even if we wanted to, since afternoon people have been marching on the streets singing some sort of fenerbahce-themes songs and now I can hear the masses cheering at the stadium so I guess the game has started.

Hürriyet Daily News wrote an article about me/my photography in english.

Volkan told me about a delicacy shop near his flat, about 13m minute walk from here, where they got sushi ingredients and other ...well, delicacies. including expensive pork meat. but i think sometimes id be willing to pay for some pork. so i should go and check it out some day.

tomorrow Volkan and i are heading to the registration office to hopefully get me registered in this address. and then maybe i could get that bank account. my landlord is demanding that i start paying from an account in my name while so far doctor transferred to money to him from his account. i dont undertand why its so important and im a little annoyed cos it will cause me extra trouble, i get my salary in cash after all.

im looking forward to see the Turkish movie Bal (Honey) (sidenote: imdb page looks really pathetic), its been winning at movie festivals and some people i know said its really good... also the award winning new finnish movie Rare Exports is luring me. both movies have really pathetic imdb-pages. is some other website taking over this movie thing - cause imdb has since forever bored me with its 90s style user interface although they recently polished it a little. nevertheless its not a website one enjoys browsing.

i found a place nearby yesterday that does nail extensions. it was cunnungly hidden in the 3rd floor (above a cafe in the 2nd floor which said men shouldnt enter without female company, so basically a girl-cafe :D) and since i was with doctor we went to ask for prices. 80tl for acrylic nails... well its overpriced i think but ive been without nails for 7 months now so im desperate. i did see places elsewhere but then i first need someone to call/make an appointment and then need to travel there before work and hope for the best etc... at least now i saw the premises, i saw the nails the staff has (they were okay) and i got an appointment directly for next tuesday. most importantly this place is very close to home.

browsing Etsy (although i didnt order anything while living in Turkey i keep looking at things...) i should really get back to some clothes modding and stuff again, ive always loved designing my own things and changing old clothes to something different, but in finland it was so bloody expensive. although Tiitta was an affordable choice. anyway here labour is so bloody cheap and there is a good seamstress nerby. i just need to express myself one way or another...

these shoes (from eBay) had white/gold laces, but i ordered them figuring i could change the laces. the shoemakers switched the laces for 1 euro. although, there is a glue(?) stain on the other shoe...looks like he had to somewhat dissemble the shoe in process. anyhow, i like these shoes a lot and they are surprisingly comfy.

this is the kind of food im cooking these days.

bar Tezgah near istiklal caddesi, taksim. one of my favs. they play rock downstairs especially.

local supermarket ads. the washing machine covering cloth is hilarious.

the flat last night before guests arrived. 15 guests arrived and the party went well, my punch was liked and the lahmacuns ("turkish pizza") we ordered were all eaten.


Denizkizi said...

Olen samaa mieltä pesukoneen peittämisestä.. Pöytäliina pyykkikoneen päällä, hmm. Ihan kuin kukaan ei arvaisi, mitä siellä alla on. Ei se liina sitä konetta yhtään kauniimmaksi minusta tee..

Denizkizi said...

Nyt vasta luin Hürriyetin jutun, mahtavaa! :)