October 05, 2010


i came home to a place that really looks and feels like home too. i didnt think this flat could look so nice. perhaps i just like when theres a lot of STUFF around, furniture and things. but really, doctor had set it up beautifully, hed worked hard while i was gone. posters on the walls and so on... the little things matter.

but my trip to finland reminded me that i reaaaaally want a microwave oven... its rare here and shops dont really microwave foods. but its so handy for warming up food, turning the oven on just for the purpose of warming up food is ridiculous - and slow. however it looks like we might keep the small oven anyway, as i brought some macaroni casserole with me and doctor absolutely loved it. no wonder, its one of my fav foods too! ive never made it myself but i just might have to learn now :S well, i miss this traditional food too... so perhaps it serves us all if i make some.

a book publisher contacted me a while ago to use an image of mine in a book cover. so im getting some green from that. and its a series so they might give me the job of shooting the next cover. that would be neat too.

this book just came out - Åke Edwardson's Shadow Woman. i shot it in january/february

some shoes had arrived while i was gone and some came today. yay. but now my paypal money has ran out so i need to hold back until i get some more.

they look pink but they are pure red. cute pair of Love Label heels.

Nice and easy walking shoes, for work and so on.

something different for me... brown/pink practical heels with nice detail...

my fav...Bronx. girly flats perfect for walking in Istanbul.

despite Golddigga logo showing its a pair of Irregular Choice wedges. quite irregular they are... :) easy to walk in.

scenery from the first day in finland. from Porvoo.

Saturday morning, front yard of my mom's house. the flag is half mast because of the funeral.

Sysmä church. built in 15something.

this is where my mom was always sitting and watching tv. on the table there are the papers i was organizing and a bottle of J'adore perfume which i bought for mom years ago.

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