November 10, 2010

i dont like going to work when its dark already

hopefully a kombi-repairman will arrive today. a warm shower would be nice after work.

it looks like we have almost all the papers for applying for doctor's visa. just need to go to a local registry office and get a paper that we live together, and register me in this address at the same time. perhaps THEN i could finally get a bank account... inshallah :D ("if god is willing", something people here mutter often)

i feel like a home maker during the day and often enjoy it. its not that i do much... clean up a bit, wash laundry (my official responsibility), organize things... bleach the darkened spots on bathroom walls, collect trash and take out, collect dirty dishes to the kitchen top... still, its not super clean, but its decent. im not so motivated to do these things when living alone, i notice.

i need a pedicure...its around 5 euros so its something within my budget too.

my dreams of a blender were crushed as i found out that we already have one in the cupboard somewhere.

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