November 11, 2010

writing is overrated

we got up after 7 this morning to go around in offices, register me in this address and so on. in the first office my name name's typo could not be avoided as they got it from the computer system in which the police originally registered me. i did then notice the typo but they only corrected it on my residency permit, not computer files... well...anyway. then, we went to another office, a little 1 room box next to a parking lot, where doctor asked if we could avoid the classic typo in my name, unless she too got the info from the official register. well, she typed my name all by herself, referring to my passport and managed to get in not 1 but 2 typos, one in my first name and another in my last name. woohoo. upon pointing this out, when she handed us the papers we asked for, she seemed puzzled for a bit... i suppose its hard to copy a name from a passport after all. doctor helped her by spelling the letters one by one and finally we got it right. i think my name's been written correctly in turkey 2 times altogether. other times, whether it was turkcell, police station or a hospital... writing skillz were lackin.

which reminds me, i have one student who cant even write turkish properly... like, i notice several typos when he writes a turkish word. he never got further than some primary school cos the family couldnt afford it or something... hes just never had the chance to study anything. and now hes excited about this english class his employer is offering him. but studying is hard without any previous practise... the writing part is going to be disaster obviously, but if i can make him speak & listen, thats the most important thing...

Miriam and i have set our eyes on fixing the problems of the world. after failing to bring peace to middle east, i am now concentrating on finding the One Right Phone for me. i am almost settled on HTC Wildfire, but mentally ready to be disappointed. but if that happens, i dunno where to go, i cant spend loads of money on a PHONE. anyway, meanwhile, Miriam is going to cue famine in Africa, she has her eye on Congo, so...

regarding phones... someone mentioned they are looking at an LG Optimus One . and that baffled me. what, LG? phones? they make, like, tea water boilers, no? of course i made a search and even checked them out in a local shop but didnt get as close as touching... im still surprised at how distant i feel to LG. if i was getting a TV i think i'd be happy abut the two letters, but when i look at Optimus One, i go like "hmm, thats kinda cute...but wait, what are those ugly white scribbles at the top??". how could i take the phone from my pocket....hey guys, see my new...LG! (?!). i dont think ive ever been so image-centered as now, and its all about a phone.

world map stereotypes...btw, badly tagged site, couldnt find it with google no matter how i tried

0:15 - electricity cut. i decided to charge my phone in the meanwhile. but surprisingly, phones dont charge without electricity. *sits and watches House while waiting*

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