November 03, 2010

im sleeping way too late lately

im following the latest season of Apprentice now. its always exciting.

its often frustrating when i browse online shops and realize that half of the world gets shipping but Turkey does not :( its not that i even buy from so many shops so often, but to see its not possible even if i wanted to... it kills my consumer instict. boohoo.

turkey has their own extensive online shops though, thats a plus, however they are mostly in turkish of course. today im browsing for toasters from HepsiBurada. we soon have a complete western kitchen *evil finnish laugh*. doctor is so far loving the microwave oven so its all going well.

the nails i had done last week.

some kitties working at an outdoor shoe shop.

new earrings i got last week. 2,5tl / 1+e.

i decided to give Kindle yet another look. i know they have like a BILLION books for Kindle but what about MY books? so i browsed my latest book purchases to find out. i just received some today so i shall start with those.
The Chomsky Foucault Debate on Human Nature YES
Porcelain Moon and Pomegranades by Üstün Bilgen-Reinart NO

and some other recent purchases;
Tales from the Expat Harem by Anastasia M. Ashman YES
Price of Honor: Muslim Women Lift The Veil of Silence on Islamic World by Jan Goodwin NO
In the Name of Honor by Mukhtar Mai NO
Honour Killing: Stories of Men who Killed by Ayse Onal NO

im also planning for my next purchases already so i better check those;
Istanbul by Orhan Pamuk YES
Crescent and Star Turkey Between Two Worlds by Stephen Kinzer YES
Whores and Other Feminists by Jill Nagle NO

4/9 are available on Kindle. thats little less than half. one more book on my to buy-list could then turn it to 50/50 but i dont think thats enough to get Kindle... im thinking it should be something like 60-70% to make it worthwhile right now. but perhaps in 6 months the situation is different already. if the reader is not heavy and not too big (handbag size!), it can be practical. however, it is yet another tech device that would break upon dropping and when it rains i will panic about covering my handbag and so on...

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