October 30, 2010

sunday blues

turkey has lifted the youtube ban. bout time, and i hope at least someone is ashamed of the idiotic ban. i know the president was.

last night i went out for change. someone whod been studying in finland wrote to me and suggested to meet so i did, and then id invited Egemen and he brought Ali as well. i think i had one too many and ive been feeling guilty about that all day, i think i need to make a plan to not repeat these kind of mistakes.

i wish i had a cam with me today when we went for a walk, there is a park near me and next to it is a river and we followed it to the seaside and it was quite pretty...the weather was good and our mood was good...

i still couldnt make up my mind about the new phone. but i have a somewhat working phone still so perhaps its not so bad to let time pass a little while making such a big decision.

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