November 26, 2010

tense feeling

yesterday i went for nail maintenance. doctor called them to book a time but in the future i am thinking of being brave enough to call myself. the nail artist speaks a couple words of english and i speak enough turkish to manage days and times... so, yeah.

im not feeling too relaxed about the weekdnd now that i am working 2 7-day weeks... a new class starting tomorrow as well. they had another teacher so im just taking over and finishing the level (5) with them. it will be nice change to communicate with students a little more for a change - all of my other classes are level 1 for some reason.... ive gotten used to it though.

i am feeling a bit frustrated at times though, as if we didnt have enough free time with doctor, and the evening+weekend work has killed my social life too. not that i have so many friends here but still.

called my stepfather too. he is a bit lonely but managing okay.

i should try to figure out where we stay on our 9-day trip to finland. the hotels are so crazy expensive :S

and perhaps next year i should expand my arm tattoo? i just havent had the "time" (energy, interest) to think about it yet although it occasionally comes to mind.

im going to give the whole bank account think another try today. perhaps i finally have all the necessary documents...

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