December 02, 2010

the barriers are still there

what now? thursday? pleaaaaase. i am a little tired. we were out last night with Elisa & his bf O. fun times.

im wondering if i can get december 24th off work for celebrating christmas...we will see....

the other day i was in trouble with a 200tl bill. i didnt have time to go to a grocery store to try break it, and on my way to work i decided to then buy some pastry. however the pastry shop didnt have cash in exchange, and thats understandable, the pastry cost like 50 kurus.... so they said come pay another day. oki doki. on my way to the minibus which i was sure wouldnt take 200tl i tried breaking the bill in a shoe shop but he just suggested i go to a nearby supermarket, but i didnt have the time. at the end, i offered it at the minibus, it was rejected but he let me ride anyway. however i was quite frustrated as i couldnt understand anyone and couldnt express myself either. the lack of my turkish skills is really starting to get to me :(

i paid my rent via online banking today (Akbank). now i just hope it goes to the right address... there were some tiny complications with the payment, i should have known the recipients address and whatnot... but i dont. logging on to the bank is an ordeal of it own. you need
-customer number
-username (must include numbers, must be changed every 2 months)
-password (max. 7 characters)
and you have to write a "XA67D" or whatever verification code the page shows you. THEN, you will receive a txt message - so your phone better be near and have battery. the sms includes a password you need to enter on the screen.
then, possibly, you finally get in.

yesterday doctor received his visa for our holiday :) yay. along the visa came a set of booklets that explain how finns behave and give instuctions on such matters... theoretically this could be nice and fun gesture even but doctor says the tone of the booklets is patronizing and suggests finnish culture superior or something... so thats sad to hear. im sure we can manage to dive into the finnish culture all by ourselves too, without any advice...:)

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