December 03, 2010

wildfire battle

i bought Dolce & Gabbana's Rose the One. the last time i got a new perfume was... a long time ago. and yes, sprinkling this new smell on myself daily does make me feel better.

last night doctor rooted my phone and installed 2.2 but it seems to have some bugs (ooofffcouuurse)... so i will have to see how to proceed. i think i am okay with 2.1 - i just want the god damn Android Market thats all. as far as i know 2.2 doesnt have major advances over 2.1, when it comes to the way I use my phone.

i cant be too excited over the weekend since im working through it again. and working late tonight. i should go to a phone shop and sell my old Nokia E71, i think they are still open tomorrow when i get off work but i wonder if i have any energy left by that time.

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