December 06, 2010


its wonderful to come home from work to a warm kitchen where someone is cooking delicious food. but that was yesterday. and today is today. im not very inspired to go to work but i guess it has to be done.

today is the independence day too. i told doctor how the independence day reception is one of the most wathed tv events of the year and he said it sounds like something that happens in north korea. here, they dont even televize the reception.

we were out on saturday with Volkan, me mainly, but doctor joined us later. he was reading for an exam he has this coming sunday. sunday, which is my first day off in a looong time.

the weather suddenly got colder here and the locals are wearing their hats and stuff. were talking about 10C or a bit less or more. i think its nicely chilly and energizing. so im still waiting for the weather to wear the hat that i bought last month. maybe in january. at least for my trip in finland.

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