December 22, 2010

im not sure about anything

i have been browsing some faucet producers sites today...(namely, Oras and Grana). it almost makes me cry - thinking about the old fashioned two-handle faucet we got at home that keeps dripping no matter how tight i turn the handles. and then cannot turn them open when i need it. its depressing. and the mirror with green wooden border...from the 50s i presume, at least it looks like it. yes i could buy a new one, but its a rental flat so the motivation to change anything is very low. we are thinking of moving soon though, but nicer flats are super expensive so i wonder how we find one that is satisfying. then again; am i ever satisfied? no.

i ordered take away from today at work. after over an hour i contacted their customer support via chat -very handy- and asked about it. they called the restaurant and said my food would arrive soon. it arrived in 5mins, 1h and 20mins after placing the order. after paying with a credit card the delivery guy asked for tip. i didnt believe my ears. im still thinking how he is probably really poor and might not get much salary - tips are probably make half of least. and perhaps his lateness was not his fault, he said to my colleague he had issues with the motorbike. nevertheless, i was pretty fuckin hungry and still dont think that delivery time deserves a tip. thats life?

more about lifes realities at carpetblog - i am not the only one fighting hard to get a Vodafone deal. but Vodafone simply doesnt want us pitiful foreigners...

lifes realities seemed hard today. i should call the bank to ask for my pin code, but first i should get credits on my phone... maybe tomorrow. then, theres some bills to pay and the kombi-heater is having pressure problems so we need to call the repairguy here any day now. last time it was 130tl... and was just a month ago. i am trying to comfort myself with the idea of a new flat but then the reality of the prices of nice flats hits me again. and again.

aaaand, i am starting to get tired of the buggy android. there is no official release of 2.2 yet here...and god only knows whether it ever arrives... AND, i am not exactly sure its so much better. it just looks like there simply isnt a decent smartphone. very depressive. i dont know what to do.

coming home there was a flower delivery! it had been left to the downstairs shop since i wasnt home. from a friend in finland. quite a surprise.

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