December 24, 2010

merry 18C friday

today i got credits on my phone and decided to call the bank. they have only 1 number for all on their website; 444 2525. a recorded message tells me that on 24.12.2010 all 444-numbers have been replaced with 0532's. i try 0532 2525 but that gives me an error. well, its just a bank, nevermind, dont bother updating the website or redirecting calls...

in the afternoon our boss invited us over to christmas lunch. very nice, and we went to a european/italian style restaurant where i had a thick steak. i asked for rare - to get medium. nom nom. a good stake is hard (and expensive) to find here.

today i felt quite nice at work all in all. i spoke a bit to my norwegian co-worker, we are getting along well. in general the people at the company are nice and friendly. a web designer told me he knew my photography, so thats cool.

my lunch!

the street i work at. there are several shops and restaurants.

on my way home in the evening. Galata bridge on the right.

so im spending christmas evening...waiting for doctor to arrive. i didnt find wrapping paper so the gifts are in their original shopping bags; 2 books re: finland, a touristy/culture guide and a novel by Tove Jansson. 2 t-shirts from Threadless. and something private. i am going to cook something for us, rice and chicken and veggies i think...

i called my stepfather to wish him a merry christmas. and told which day were going to see him. and i did a video call with Arttu and his family, with whom i usually spend the christmas. :)

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