December 12, 2010

my day off

the winter IS finally here :) it was even snowing yesterday, and very windy. a nasty weather even by my standards. but thst just puts me in a fighting spirit. and finally i can wear the hat i bought!

we got a cheap plastic christmas tree to put on living room table. i will get some things to decorate it...

i don't like how people compare raw banana and raw avocado. its true finns prefer to buy bananas raw, pure yellow, almost green. when bananas are actually mature only when they start getting brown color. well, whatever, banana is eatable as raw. avocado is not, its too hard to sink your teeth in and does not have taste. so u cannot eat it raw yet, shops sell them raw.

doctor is in Ankara today, taking an exam re: specialization. Ankara's old name was Angora. i read that the name was changed to sound more Turkish. for the nationalist feeling apparently it wasnt good to remind people that they are actually descendants of all the races and nationalities that have been living here. and thats a lot... and i think its cool personally. i always thought ancient greece was in...greece. but a big part is here. Olympos mountains, Gallipoli, Ephesus and Troy. Herodotus, Saint Nicholas, Diogenes, and Homer were hanging out here. very interesting center of battles and empires.

im still reading Kinzer's Crescent & Star. very very good book. i also received the Bookseller of Kabul, interesting read also.

im thinking of getting A Thousand Suns by Khaled Hosseini.

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