December 14, 2010

is life just one big TO DO-list?

i found myself unhappy cos i didnt have a matching white cardigan to my snow white knit dress. i have 2 white cardigans but in comparison they seemed less it didnt look nice. it got me depressed.

and maybe i should have white shoes? ugh. i never had white shoes. but i am lately missing a lot of things i left in finland. especially winter clothes. it feels stupid to buy any sweaters here when i know i have tons of them in finland. of course i can manage... i just always feel like i need more and more. typical problems of a girl (who doesnt have any bigger problems?). i do have other issues too, however. some health stuff and then theres the job situation. the working hours are less than perfect regarding my relationship so i am feeling distressed about it. something must be done.

yesterday it was snowing in Gebze, right outside Istanbul, where i had a class. people were panicking and leaving home early and our class was interrupted by someone who told us we should flee now, while we still can!! i chuckled. however, it was pretty rad once i got out and saw the situation - much like in finland, big snowflakes and lots of them. no one has winter tires nor the ability to drive in that weather. we were driving 10km/h at times trying desperately to get up the hill, in which many failed, cars were on the roadside and sliding from one side to another. some had fell in the curb. it was truly unreal. my driver is great though so i felt very safe. snow became rain when we got to istanbul. its so dark here :(

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