December 16, 2010

rainy and grey

i went to Vodafone today with Volkan, in hopes of switching from Turkcell... very naive! after saying "not possible" (??!!) and some pushing from Volkan they agreed that they want passport, residence permit (mine is going old next week) and a bill or some proof that i live in this address. i got that paper from the registry office but it should be less than a month old and mine is older of course. so i should go get a new one. i guess vagrancy is a big problem here since u have to be constantly proving u live in a certain address.

then, we went to Akbank to ask where the F is my debit card, i was supposed to get a txt when i can pick it up, but didnt. it was at the bank and i got it. now for the PIN... i should call the customer service - they should have an english one but we will see... and customer service is supposed to give me the PIN and then i need to change it myself i guess. i believe i could design an even more complicated system - if i had some more time and energy.

we got a Belgian guest for a few days now, through Couchsurfing. and tomorrow im going to Taksin for a job interview, to discuss a perhaps part time deal or something, its a website/internet job so i am of course interested...

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