December 17, 2010

things can happen fast in turkey

i am starting a new job on monday. all plusses and minuses considered, i felt like a day job would be good, its quite flexible and i get to work with the computer&internet again...ahh. then from there i need to rush to teach. im wondering now how my energy levels will like this but we shall see, im excited about the change anyway. the office is in Taksim, so ill travel to Europe for it, but the commuting is relatively easy, 50-60minutes. thats the plus of my chosen disctrict, good connections. at the office there is a Norwegian and a Danish employee doing the same things as i shall be doing, web site editing and content writing and translation.

my day was also brightened by a friendly and helpful Turkcell employee, as i went to ask about the mobile internet options. nice service in English is rare enough to grant a mention. i got a 100MB package for 1 month, 5e. i will see how far that takes me or if i need more. getting the package happens by sending an sms "AY"(month) to number 2222, it sends a reply and asks to reply back with sms "evet" (yes). getting an sms deal or any other works the same way, sending a code to a designated number.

doctor is going on a business trip to Antalya next week... coming back on the 24th, late evening. so much for christmas dinner on the 24th. but i guess 25th is just as good.

2 days ago there was a religious special day i think cos our upsteairs neighbor brought us a dessert they made. the tradition is then to make one for them in return. neither of us knows anything about desserts so today i bought tiramisu and that will be it. doctor can take it to them while im at work...

im decorating our small plastic christmas tree...

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