December 19, 2010

schristmas is sneaking up on us

doctor left to the airport. apparently it is 25C in Antalya....nice. however, i found it surpriringly un-nicd to be left alone. having lived alone since 1996 -happily, i might add - its odd to find myself so quickly adjusted to the presence of another person that i really uncomfy when they are gone. or knowing they will be gone for several days i mean. sleeping alone every night.... i think im gonna cry myself to sleep! and feel lonely in the evenings with no one to talk to. although after working at 2 jobs, i might be too tired to even want to talk.

i am preparing the christmas alone then. i hope to have a little time (when? im at work or commuting 9-21 every day) to buy a few more cheap christmas items and make the home nice. then buy punch ingredients since we have the christmas dinner on the 25th.

so, what if the Koreas get into a war? im guessing nukes might be involved and if something is happening somewhere, the world pol... US gets involved too. and if the US is involved...hmm, im not sure but maybe then NATO is involved. i live in a NATO country now. *facepalm*

i had to google turkeys nuclear weapons situation.... looks like theres a whole pile of them! courtesy of the US. so Turkey is the babysitter to some of US's nukes. uh.

the weather here should get warmer again next week...from 13 to 17C :)

our takeway meal tonight; some kebabs and lahmacun and they added some promotional salads and yogurt sauce. 20tl/10e.

our plastic christmas tree and my decorations... im still working on the snow spray, we broke the spray bottle (2tl/1e).

the decorational christmas (new year's) tree from taksim square... it is all over covered with tiny lights...i wish to see it in the nightime some day :) my new workplace is near the square...very central!

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