January 09, 2011

i need shower, flu meds and sleep - thanx

okay that was that. the trip kept us busy. returning to istanbul felt kind of cozy also, i had gained the attenion in finland to notice the crazy drivers and horrible traffic here...and coming from the airport there was a guy cycling in the midst of the traffic with 2 birds (chickens?) on his hat. clearly i was back in turkey again :)

i did a lot of promotion work on the trip, i think i invited pretty much everyone i talked to for a visit. hopefully in the spring and summer we have many people coming over.

actually everything went well, the weather was nice too. just today as we left it suddenly got warm (zero) and snow started melting and it was wet and nasty. and i got a flu.

doctor liked my friends and i reportedly enjoy their company too so ...:)

my black jacket was not really sufficient in finland when it was -10C or so... but as we went to Sysmä i picked up my mom's old dark purple winter coat from the closet. it is 36/38 so slightly too small but i really just cared about being warm.

nude/pink dress-like short with lace detail and a belt. first they give the granny's 40's underwear impression but really, i think that combined with black or grey stockings and black heels these will look really nice. H&M 10e.

powdery pink silk dress at H&M, 10e.

this soft and perhaps a little fancy dress was 5e an Monki.

these shoes were waiting for me in a packet behind our door. yay.

last night coming from K's milkshake party, doctor asked me to push him into the snow and i did.

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