January 15, 2011

things happening

we went around today looking for flats. the ads are on the windows saying "kiralik" and phone number. then u call and ask details. no sense in putting any info on the ad of course....(?). so we went and saw a few, and the condition of the flats was depressing.... but houses here are old, so thats why. pictures follow:

the details and truly bad condition doesnt seem to come across in the photos... the owner was willing to do some renovation in some flats but changing cabinets just doesnt do it when its a hopeless case...

then we saw one kiralik-sign in a flat window which we assumed would be hugely expensive (generally flats that please me in every way are much more than my salary, 2000tl/1000e or whatever) cos it was in a central location, but we called and turns out it was just 1300tl. a little over our budget so we negotiated it down to 1200tl. and the owner will fix the floors - they were an issue - and thanks to price drop we will have to get the shower cabin ourselves. should be about 300tl. then, there the deposit, which is almost one months rent. and then....the real estate agents commission which we managed to negotiate down to 900tl (it was 1750tl at first). then, moving company will be another 300tl or so. after this, we shall be BROKE :D however, the good news is we have a new home and i am quite pleased with it. the good sides:

  • very good general condition - no wires and pipes hanging out from walls or corners, this is rare
  • interesting layout with weird corners etc
  • no long hallways which are common here
  • 1st floor (practically 2nd) AND asansöööör!! (elevator)
  • A LOT of LIGHT, all rooms have big windows, even kitchen, which is rare, and living room is 'all window' - corner flats advantages
  • doorbell intercom
  • big balcony - we shall have chairs and a table there
  • nice view: the flat is in a corner of a busy crossing, there are people and shops and cafes
  • LOCATION: in Moda, a trendy very central area of kadiköy, near the port and everything else
  • kitchen is decent with nice red tiles and a range hood for ventilating the air
  • bathroom is spacy and has a large vanity top and plenty of cabinet space, "modern" in short :) also decent wall color which is rare
  • white walls!! this is rare. i want to paint one or two walls with some colors though
  • 3+1: 3 rooms besides living room. so one functions as a quest room and storage.
  • there is a space for dishwasher in the kitchen
  • modern faucets
and what about the minuses? of course there are some...
  • expensive
  • we need to pay for building the shower cabin, and it will be small :(
  • the kitchen furnishing is new but typical turkish (brown etc), also counter top is ugly
  • there is no space for a "real" oven in kitchen, we have to stick with a cooktop
  • there is a small separate toilet which is unnecessary and a bit ugly and not in such good condition
  • i have a feeling that heating this kind of a flat is expensive in the winter, it looses a lot of heat because of the corner position and many windows. and, im not sure what this means for the summer...:S but i have a dream of an air conditioner....
all in all i think for the price this was a good deal. flats in good condition and modern furnishing tend to be very expensive, and the Moda area in specific is expensive. we dont know how many sq meters it is but maybe 100 or 110m2. as usual, the owner wants to start the contract asap, so we agreed on feb. 1st, and that means we are in a hurry to end the old contract... i am worried we will end up paying for half of the next month as well...

my plan is that we will first just get the couch...cos these old ones are not coming with us! then, next month we hopefully have money to get some more furniture. we need some storage space at least. and a bed at some point, for now the mattress will have to do. then, a dishwasher. and before the summer an air conditioner. and then, a dryer. then... there are so many small things...curtains, lampshades...

yesterday we were out with Elisa & O. they knew this nice (but expensive) restaurant in Taksim; Pano. they have their own wines which are really good but still cheap. after that we ended up in a bar since doctors friend Oytun was there nearby. quite a standard 'night out'.

before the restaurant i went to Osmanbey to meet another finn, R.P. - we hadnt seen in ages cos she was abroad and had a baby. i got lost on the way and therefor really pissed at myself... anyhow, some finnish company cheered me up quickly.

work is still going nicely. on the 21st i have a residence permit renewal appointment - so thats another hole in the budget, it should be about 340tl/170e.

i bought this ring tonight from our friend Tamer's shop;

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