January 13, 2011

dreaming of buying wall art and new sheets

we are busy looking at flats and calling the agencies. ads often have insufficient info of location, they just name the dictrict (kallio, osmanaga...) or nearby big street (hämeentie, kadife sokak...) and thats it. and, "near" is a flexible concept here. i am quite picky about location. who was it that said "locatin, location, location"?? it could've been me. also negotiating about price and other details need checking.

whenever we come across a flat with an ASANSÖR (elevator) i let out a scream of joy. they are rare. and im still not loving the stairs. 4th floor is my absolute limit, and only if everything else is perfect. but thats 1-2 floors more than i wouldve agreed to a year ago, when i was still in finland. im just wondering who here is willing to walk up to the 5th floor - or ABOVE ? sporty turks.

also, i get very excited about nice bathrooms with white cabinets, white vanity tops and MODERN faucets. actually, i am not crazy about shower cubicles but once they make a bathroom "nice" round here, there is always a shower cubicle which is called "Hilton banyo (bathroom)". i havent seen white bathroom walls here though, they are usually light brown or maybe green or blue. and kitchens are hopeless, even if new, they are usually dark wood with decorations. so im hoping to just get lucky. apparently changing the cabinet doors is quite expensive custom work (??!!) so if its a rental flat, its not worth then money.

i don't know how long this link will work but anyway it serves as a memory of this flat hunt.

this flat is one of my favorites now;

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roland deschain of gilead said...

"locatin, location, location"??

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