January 13, 2011

what is it that i really want, besides a dishwasher?

im a bit pathetic. i always want something, and when its delivered, i hesitate and feel uncomfortable again and start wanting something else. well, i dont think this applies to materia, but homes and such. i recall wishing for 1 or 2 private English classes on the side - this morning- and now that i received an email asking for such, it would be at after workhours and on the european side (=perfect), i am not so sure anymore. and when i start working full time in March, well, i am not going to waste time with other jobs, one is enough.

also, i am thinking of us getting a cleaner come over once a month. it is really common here and my co-workers use one as well. i am just stuck in my finnish ways, over there anyone paying for cleaning is either very old, ill or filthy rich (and the last one is not looked upon nicely). here, cleaners are so cheap its easy to acquire one and nobody thinks much of it. doctor said he used to get a cleaner too, before. weird to think of it since he is now happily vacuuming. i still want to mainly handle things myself, do laundry etc. but once a month some help would be nice esp. with things we dont do at all like cleaning the windows.

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