February 06, 2011

fastest weekend ever :(

busy weekend sort of. yesterday i taught a private english class, the student is in Göztepe. her home was really nice and inspired me a lot for what i want for ours. in the evening we assembled a MALM drawer for sheets and towels which we put in the guest room, and later we went out to the bar with friend. i actually left earlier cos i was s tied. unheard of! on friday evening i feel asleep at 9pm for the same reason.

today we went to Mecidiyeköy as one of my new co-workers, Elisabet, invited us (co-workers and spouses) for semla. traditional delicacy this time of the year in scandinavia. it was quite amusing, there were 2 of us finns, 2 swedes and a norwegian and a dane - and our turkish boyfriends/husbands. all of the girls were blondes except for me. i almost wished i was, it would have then been such a perfect set, the blonde females and the black haired men. anyway the semlas were good and i enjoyed the company. too bad i got tired yet again... i feel like id need another sunday to gain back my energy...

an sraeli art magazine is doing an interview with me. im waiting for that. also there is something happening in september in portugal possibly... i should get back to it when things clarify. and this coming week Toros, my pianist friend, is coing to istanbul as he has 2 concerts in the city, and we talked about meeting and doing a photo shoot.

i need to go to bed now... dead tired

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