February 18, 2011

friday at home

ive watched a few movies in the past weeks. empty and easy hollywood stuff.
Heartbreaker - which was light and amusing but not much more.
Unstoppable - the action part and plot were fine, but the other stuff not... the young guy (chris pine) proved his older and experienced co-worker that he is a good guy and the wife who just had a restraining order on him, ran into his arms after he became a hero? she was upset with him cos he had threatened a male friend of hers with a gun...cos he though the friend was interested. but, so....that kind of behavior is apparently acceptable if u just do something heroic. clearly the man has self control and jealousy issues for gods sake.
Love and other drugs - really quite empty and not credible

ive (still) been reading posts at the discussion board of finnish women with turkish men. and i take part in discussion too, it is interesting to share similar experiences. some are not shared though. many turks are not willing to go to a doctor and the women use the mother-in-law as a help if nothing else works. in other words, the guys mother will get him to do anything, more less. not in our home. i think if i cant make something happen, no one can.

a short critical read about 3D. ive never been a bit interested. im just not.

im wondering if bald muslim women should cover their head too? i suppose? the skull can be sexy?

i also ordered some books....
The Women of Deh Koh: Lives in an Iranian Village by Erika Friedl
And a Voice to Sing with: A Memoir by Joan Baez

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