February 01, 2011

lets just FF to weekend pls

my latest ringtone; Knight Rider Theme (spotify). pretty 80s and hillbilly? :) one of our moving guys had the ringtone and it inspired me. my alarm is Eye of the Tiger :)

the sales staff in shops here are often very 'helpful' which means they follow you around the shop within 1 meter radius. i appreciate it sometimes when they stay quiet and i can ask prices when needed - they are often not on display. but sometimes they like to keep offering random things from the shelf and are generally talkative - in which case i effectively quiet them but telling i speak english :) not rude i think, but it works, sometimes they almost run away and leave me to do my shopping.

last week i went to the Turkcell shop with K├╝bra to add my moms and dads name, birthplace and moms maiden name to my info so that i could transfer to Vodafone. they copied my passport and wrote the info on a paper along with my phone number and my signature and it was faxed somewhere. on friday i got a call from 'Turkcell customer solutions', saying that the passport image was not clear enough in the fax. also, although the faxed paper said that phone number XXX informations should be these: "mothers name:...fathers name:... "- i was told that i should myself write on the paper that "i would like this personal information changed". err? like, they should have added those things when i first wrote the fuckin contract last April, but cos they were too lazy to, now i need to plead and pray and argue to have MY MOTHERS NAME added on my account info??? seriously? the passport was not clear enough? well the problem i believe is in Turkcell fax machines, not my passport. consider that a Turkcell employee saw it, copied it and faxed it, so i guess my identity has been verified, at least enough to add my parents names - no?

anyhow, so i added a text in English and Turkish on the paper saying "please change my personal information" and signed it again, although there was already one signature on that paper. i went to a Turkcell shop, and having learned local manners i just pushed through the crowd and offered my paper to an employee who was in the middle of something else, thats how things are done. they gave it to someone who gave it to someone who disappeared downstairs to fax it and returned with a fax confirmation of sending it. i havent heard anything since then, its been 7 days.

i today went to the Turkcell website and sent a message via the online contact form explaining things all over again and demanding that they add the bloody info on my file. i hope something happens. i am really agitated by this now. i think i should just try to get a new number from Vodafone but undoubtedly it will also have some complications. and even if Turkcell's fixes the info, who knows what kind of bureaucracy Vodafone then has up its sleeve.

last night we went to IKEA again. its open until 22pm every day so that makes life easier. we got some storage solutions and a MALM drawer for sheets and stuff like that.

tonight doctor's department from his work has an unofficial party in a karaoke bar in Taksim. which is where i am working all day so we'll just meet here in the evening and i will then join them - spouses are invited too.

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