February 26, 2011


Radiohead has already given a couple albums for free i guess....? regardless of the reasons... i decided i will pay 7e for the new album.... its not my fav band but i felt like ive listened to them worth it.

i had my english class to teach in the morning at 11am...argh... i was out with Oskari and K├╝bra last night so i didnt feel very fresh today. although we were out only until 11:3o i think...we all had the morning scheduled. and starting on tue im going to work "full time" except that my full time is 7h/day. i feel lucky, theres space for negotiation and all...flexibility... i quite enjoy working with my scandinavian colleagues, we listen to spotify...sometimes swedish pop, sometimes we discuss the cultures... i just feel quite comfy in that bunch. altho i am the only one who doesnt share the language (they understand each other).

so 7h/day is a little less money but i think thats ok, the salary is still ok - better than average turko salary... and my commuting is almost 1h/direction so i think taking 1h off worktime is decent...

in the bar last night. its a rock bar on kadife sokak.

doctor sold our old speaker system on sahibinden.com and he was supposed to send them off today. he waited inside all day waiting for the Ppt cargo to come pick the up. after 3 he called and they said oh, yeah, hmm, no one is probably coming today. this is the most annoying this about turkey. very random service, lack of responsibility and work ethics. so doctor will have to pack the boxes in his car and take them to the post office i guess... the randomness just happens to go both ways and today the friendly postman came to ring the buzzer just to check if we are home, there were a lot of packages for us at the office an he then went to pick then up and brought them. that can only mean one thing: shoes.

these arrived yesterday. New Look suede buckled heels.

K&G wedge heels. very comfy, they fit me like a glove!

these are mink colored Love Label heels size 37 which i plan to beautify some way...add something...i dont know yet. i dont think ill ever wear them though, they are a very tight size 37.

these Bronx sandals are all for myself... waiting or the summer... which seems very far - its been rainy and grey and cold all week....2C today!

i just called Akbank (444 2525) and it says clearly "please press 8 for English" - and tadaa! i press and get some kind of monologue in turkish. fuck Akbank... i then went on to find an email address on the website for personal banking, it is "pbmrktng@akbank.com.tr" - and i was not a least bit surprised when it came back undelivered because the address does not exist.

and tonight im going out with some co-workers.... tomorrow im hoping to do nothing!

i need to take a turkish course. it looks like theres no other way. im just stuck.

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