February 26, 2011

ummmm so what

things are not good in Libya....:( Gaddafi is just proving how nuts he is and people are going with it. people always wonder how someone could have gone with Hitlers plans.... well.... it can happen. easy. but all in all... im just shaking my head...i wouldnt wanna be there right now...

on wednesday i met Oskari who came to Ist from Hatay, where he was shooting a documentary of his... i just quickly went to some bars with him in Taksim. then home. on thursday i had planned a movie Nuummioq from the !fIstanbul movie festival... (with Kübra) and before that i had a short turkish lesson with doctor's friend Oytun. Nuummioq was nice, actually made me a bit homesick although it was all about Greenland. at work there is this danish girls and i could recognize the danish in their speech.

tonight i brought Oskari and Kübra both to Kadiköy and we went to the local bars and so... also stopped over at our flat to taste the newly done cider. i think i have to start printing labels and etiquettes for this.... we r going to become a CIDER BREWERY....the only one in turkey!

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