February 15, 2011

to sleep or to blog, is the question

a warm bedroom, nice night table and a laptop in bed currently make me happy. not as in require all these to be happy, but currently they just happen to be things i feel like contribute to my happiness. its easy to list such material things around, and give them credit for what essentially must come from somewhere deeper...

i started reading Orhan Pamuk's My name is Red. despite my skepticism i found it entertaining and fun to read... quite different from anything ive read before - or do i even remember the things i used to read over 10 years ago, when i was still reading actively?

i take a lot of pride in managing my way around this city (or the central parts of it) so effectively. i can choose the right transportation and route at the right time. this is especially meaningful because of the effects that traffic has in the city at certain times at certain areas, and some transportation methods do not have set schedules.

i need a pedicure. and at 10tl/5e or less, i can afford it!

if i dont sleep soon im going to be a not so happy camper tomorrow :S

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