February 15, 2011

inspirations got sidetracked

i couldnt sleep last night somehow. i suddenly felt like i would like to be a shoe artist. shoe decorator. shoe moderator. someone who pimps shoes. also i felt like taking up painting. this is not exactly the direction i was expecting my inspiration to go but okay, im going with the flow. now i need to get some materials and google info and tips on how to mod shoes.

about 80m from ur home there is a large art shop, biggest ive seen actually, with dozens of diffrent paints and pencils... i could think of a few people that'd wet their pants for it. anyhow, there was a nice salesperson who spoke a couple words of english. i said i wanna paint and we gathered me the whole set, from the inexpensive ranges. i got brushes, palettes, canvases and acrylic paints etc for 30e - so now im ready to start! im thinking of colorful sea themes and red ...themes...and stuff. time will show if these amazing visions shall remain merely in my imagination as is so often the case...

i also ran into an antique shop of some sort, about 50m from ur flat. the amount of stuff was quite impressive.

this is the camera shelf of the shop more less.

random shot of the shop

tyical small shop in istanbl. this one is near my work place. fruits outside and snacks and stuff inside. no grocery store items though, like cheese or bread, though.

my video from the shop

a new yorker article on scientology. very interesting. a co-worker at the language school gave me one scientology book a few months ago. i always meant to read that stuff and now it was offered to me directly :) i only got started with the book i gotta say...hopefully i will finish it later, it was interesting. also, i still didnt read more than a couple chapters of koran...(regarding women and covering themseves etc. - which gotta say is some really VAGUE txt! good luck interpreting... my interpretation is that koran totally suggests u to dress 'appropriately' and cover your tits, however it doesnt mention covering your sexy hair, especially instead your even sexier face. but thats my interpretation). i think i've honestly read about half of the bible, however that was a long time ago.

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