February 28, 2011

what will i do next week?

yesterday i was out with a couple co-workers and some of their friends. nice evening. and at the end of the night we met Volkan&Ilcin too and went to their place. we discussed the possibility of traveling together a bit this coming summer.

i want to get my permanent make up liners and brows done again. but to find a place here that i can trust to do the job properly... uh. there are 2 places that i am considering.

i like Robert Hart's paintings.

a friend of mine found this gf like a year ago, she's *somewhat* jealous and this meant no more meeting. well hes abroad anyway, we didnt meet often. we were emailing 2 weeks ago and this came to an end as he informed me that we cannot be in any contact anymore. so, that was that then. i was quite saddened by this turn of events even if it wasnt such a big surprise knowing the situation...

what made my day was feeding salad to the fortune telling bunnies on the street. i bought some from the store cos its been a while since my last bunneh-feeding occasion.

Sociological Images often sees a problem when there is none, but this Cathay Pacific ad they wrote about is indeed horrible. the airlines is advertising themselves with submissive ex-models? sure, the ideal female in asia is a little different from what were used to but isnt this just way out there... "i just like to listen more than talk". how sweet? that ad makes me sick.

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