March 01, 2011

one of those (many) bitchy days

after one more visit to a Turkcell shop, and a complaint email through the website (the shop representative suggested writing one) i got my 'personal details' updated to my customer account. namely, my moms name, my dads name, my birth place and my moms maiden name. after this i had to go back to the Vodafone store and ask again to become their customer. i did this last wednesday. i signed a new contract and got a new sim card and finally! hallelujah! this morning my phone wouldnt connect with turkcell anymore and i changed the sim. i got Vodafone now. immediately i got 5 txt messages with offers. later i went to a shop to upload money on my newly opened account and then got 4 more txt messages. i hope this is not a preview of whats to come... Turkcell sends a lot of txt ads too, a few per week, sometimes several in a day, but getting 4 at a time?

anyway, that was an exhaustive fight. not to worry, more fights are waiting. the bank/check-fight is a currently ongoing one that causes me a lot of angst. i sent HSBC a question regarding cashing an american check some weeks ago. after about a week they called me to tell me they charge about 10% of the value. i thought its hideously much, so i decided to continue asking around. in other words, to ask doctor to ask around. he didnt know i already asked HSBC, so he went to one their branches yesterday. they told him they dont cash checks. obviously they do but didnt know or care to know anything about such. doctor also went to ask Akbank of which i am currently a customer of. they told him the same thing. consdering i just cashed one in december i think that was a blatant lie too. i myself sent Akbank an email about it the other day and didnt receive an answer yet. i also sent an email just to point out (nothing bitchy) that the english menu in their phone service doesnt work. today, someone called me from Akbank and said that it's about my complaint re:phone service. they then put me on hold to talk to a customer representative. once on the line, i asked for the check issue, but she didnt seem to get me and asked me questions that seemed unrelated and offered to check my bank account balance... i kept asking about cashing an american check at which point she told me to go to a branch, thanked me for calling and hung up. ....

so, yes, im being a difficult customer, i would like to know how much a service costs, but getting such info is just ...apparently impossible.

if i have the energy, i will later bitch about National Geographic and their very bad and slow customer service.

if only i was as calm and cool as others. didnt take things so seriously. if id just relax. why is it so hard for me??

ill watch a movie now. maybe Social Network. or Black Swan?

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